If you're looking for perky, pretty and sassy, these headbands are for you. They are beautifully made of gorgeous material, with love, in the USA. I have one in just about about every color. The Urban Turban is my favorite!
Adela // Lake Forrest, IL
I absolutely love my Gina Made It hair accessories. They add a fashionable and whimsical touch to any outfit. They are also incredibly well-made, super comfortable and functional. My favorite is the Urban Turban in magenta silk, it is so preppy and fun.
Ashley Buchanan // Blogger of History in High Heels
Thank-You for designing such a great product that not only is "timeless" with style, comfortable to wear, versatile, and made in the USA! What's not to like, right? I have been a fan of GMI from my very first purchase of her "signature" headband at a Lily Pulitzer's boutique in Phoenix. Since then, I've added so many pieces from her product line that it has become a "collection" that I wear daily.... Simply elegant ! Truly.
GHB // Pasadena, CA
Recently received my grosgrain striped headband. Love it! Thanks for adding a twist to a classic and giving us variety and more style! Best wishes to your biz.
Catherine // Raleigh, NC
We first met Regina when we brought her on to help assist us with photo shoots for our clients’ lookbooks. Regina went above and beyond with her consultations by helping us choose photo shoot locations, directing us in how models should have their hair and makeup done, and what attire should be featured in each look. Our shoots have been huge successes because of her, and we look forward to working more photo shoots with her by our side.
Dina Rezvanipour // CEO 3d Pr & Marketing
If you wear a Gina Made It Headband, I am sure it will make you as happy as it makes me! Everyone is always asking where did you get such beautiful headbands? The colors and designs are just perfect to match all my outfits. I look forward to wearing one everyday. They have really become a conversation piece!
Denise// Palm Beach, FL
Thank you for making the most comfortable headband in my collection! I also have long hair and usually end up buying my bows in the kids' departments-now I have a new source!
Candi // Naples, Florida
Gina worked with me as a stylist on several of the photoshoots for my book, Libby Langdon’s Small Space Solutions, where she just jumped in with both feet and often times made lemonade out of lemons. She’s incredibly talented, dynamic, she has a great eye for what looks gorgeous and she knows how to make things happen. I adore working with Gina every change I get because she spreads her savvy and stylish talents seamlessly!
Libby Langdon // Libby Interiors
You won’t find anyone classier than Gina! Always impeccably dressed, elegant in appearance and character and always professional. Gina has great taste and a good eye! She spreads a positive aura wherever she goes!
Hilary Unger // Perianth Interior Design
We have worked with Gina on parties at The Plumm and found her explosively creative, has a great eye, is full of energy, purposeful, smart, and somehow able to wrap herself around every detail so that her parties are a joy to behold and a pleasure to attend. She works easily with both venue and client and is one of the best party planners we have ever worked with.
Noel Ashman // Owner of THE PLUMM club, NYC
Gina created vibrant, fantastic, beautiful spaces for our events! Her creativity is limitless and her ability to work with the many constraints we had – space, budget, timing- was matched by no others. Gina will make your event a must attend, year after year.
Vicky Zubovic // Managing Director, KIPP NYC